Our very own, Dr. Darrell Tan was part of the panel for the PHAC Session at the CAHR Conference. The Symposium was an hour-long session led by PHAC and featuring several panelists from the HIV/AIDS field: researchers, community-based organizations, and people with living/lived experience of STBBI.

The theme of this session was innovation in HIV prevention, testing, care, and treatment services. Ongoing innovation has resulted in a suite of tools, such as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), HIV self-testing (HIVST), and the global U=U campaign, work to overcome systematic barriers- aiming to prevent new infections and encourage linkage and retention to care. The session explored the unique strengths of the various innovations, highlighting the strategies that can be leveraged to help utilize these tools among communities that face disproportionate barriers to care. Discussions focused on how intersectional and population-specific approaches can yield better impacts.

The learning objectives for this Symposium, according to the conference program include:

  • Identify how systemic barriers impact prevention and linkage and retention to care for key populations in Canada.
  • Explore the unique strengths of existing innovations.
  • Investigate strategies for addressing systemic barriers and applying existing innovations among communities.

Other panelists: Alexandra Musten, Christian Hui and Dr. Emmanuela Ojukwu