Testimonials - Options Lab

MPH Practicum Student M.R.

I am so glad I chose to come to the Options Lab for my practicum! It was an excellent experience; I learned a lot and the team members are wonderful and welcoming.

Summer Student D.P.

"Thank you for your help throughout my academic career - I truly appreciate it. With your help, I have started a master's at McGill in the Cermakian Lab."

Anonymous Student #1

“Dr. Darrell Tan and the Options Lab team have created an inclusive research environment that made me feel like part of the greater research team. Dr. Tan's unique position as an infectious disease doctor and leading clinical researcher provided me with a rich, diverse practicum experience that was supplemented by countless opportunities outside my practicum project (e.g., weekly journal clubs, student seminars, peer-reviewing manuscripts, and community engagement). My practicum at the Options lab was a great mix of self-directed learning, collaboration with team members, and hands-on epidemiological experience.”

Anonymous Student #2

“Dr. Tan really went above and beyond to create a nice learning environment for the students. He was always receptive to our ideas and provided excellent advice for improving our work. He also gave us a lot of freedom to pursue topics that were interesting to us. The lab was incredibly gracious with their time and expertise. I always felt welcome in the lab this summer!”

Anonymous Student #3

“I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from and work with Dr. Tan and the OPTIONS lab team. The lab is so inclusive and welcoming, which was very conducive to an excellent learning environment. Dr. Tan is an incredible teacher who really cares about the learning and progress of all his students. Despite his busy schedule, Dr. Tan made sure to stay connected to all the students and provided many excellent learning opportunities (e.g., journal clubs, teaching seminars) for us to attend virtually. I have learned several valuable skills and grown as a student epidemiologist. I'm excited to continue working on my manuscript and hope to see it through publication.”