Dr. Darrell Tan along side co-lead of the Prevention (PREV) Core, Dr. Trevor Hart and their research associate Cassandra Bertucci had a very successful CTN Fall Meeting which was the first hybrid (in-person/virtual) meeting. This definitely presented some new challenges but overall everything went very well. There were two guest speakers during the PREV Core session. One was Dr. Beatriz Grinsztejn from Brazil speaking about long-acting injectables (CAB-LA) as PrEP and Michael Kwag from the CBRC who has been working on the Future of PrEP project with us! Our post-doc fellow Dr. Oscar Javier Pico Espinosa was also present. The PREV Core really tried to keep everyone engaged by having all attendees, both in-person and virtual, go into breakout rooms where four different topics were discussed. Everyone enjoyed this part of the session! Dr. Tan also gave a presentation on MPX which was very informative!