PLATINUM-CAN is a randomized controlled trial running in parallel with the PLATINUM-UK trial. The trial wishes to evaluate the clinical efficacy of tecovirimat versus placebo for outpatients with MPX. Tecovirimat monohydrate (TPOXX®) inhibits the exit of viral particles from an orthopox-infected cell, thereby inhibiting systemic spread of infection. In November 2021, Health Canada approved oral tecovirimat (TPOXX ®) to be administered for 14 days for treatment of smallpox. However, no randomized controlled clinical trial has yet evaluated the efficacy of tecovirimat for treatment of human MPX. In order to achieve this, samples are taken from the throat, skin, genital, and anal mucosal swabs from the time of infection to the time of resolution.

Please note, in order to maximize the chances of observing a benefit from the study drug, individuals with mpox or suspected mpox should be referred to the study as soon as possible

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