MPOX Observational Cohort Study

MPOCS is a cohort study that seeks to expand our understanding of mpox's clinical presentation, the presence of the virus in body fluids and the psychosocial impact of mpox infection. Confirmed cases and probable cases are followed up weekly with questionnaires and samples are taken from the nasopharynx, throat, rectum, skin, blood, semen, urine, vagina and breast milk. In addition, surface sampling and air sampling are done in connection with study visits. More than 30 participants have been enrolled in the study across Toronto.

Biological specimens from participants in the MPOCS study will be stored in a biobank, housed at the Epidemic and Pandemic Infections Consortium (EPIC) at the University of Toronto.  The governance of the biobank is outlined here.  All uses of the biobank specimens will be listed in the document below.