Sawyer Karabelas-Pittman


Hi! My name’s Sawyer Karabelas-Pittman, and I’m a third year medical student at Queen’s University. Before this I did my Undergraduate and Masters degree at McMaster in Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization. I’ve always been passionate about infectious disease research and discovering new ways to develop antibiotics as well as improve the stewardship of existing antibiotics. I was a summer student in the Options Lab in the summer of 2022 where I joined the PrEP Implementation Project (PRIMP) team, helping to improve how we offer important HIV prevention tools like PrEP to those that can benefit most from it. I’m excited to advocate for better access to PrEP and reducing the stigma that surrounds conversations on PrEP and HIV.

Outside the lab you can find me exploring all the different restaurants Toronto has to offer, frequenting local drag shows, and learning how to make the perfect cup of coffee

Sawyer Karabelas-Pittman @ CBRC