James Lisondra

Hello! My name is James Lisondra (he/him) and I am an incoming medical student at the University of Ottawa. I have just completed my 3rd year as a Life Sciences student at Ontario Tech University. In the future, I seek to bridge the gap between marginalized communities and comprehensive primary care. As a Filipino Canadian, I hope to bring care to communities that look just like my own family and speak the languages of my ancestors. Last summer, I led a scoping review on perinatal depression in fathers, lesbian & non-binary partners. In a microbiology laboratory, my most recent project investigated the mechanisms underlying bacterial quorum sensing. This summer, I will be integrating these experiences to explore the intersections of infectious disease and health equity at the Options Lab as a 2023 Amgen Scholar. Here, I will be contributing to an ongoing PrEP/PEP chart review study and supporting the Future of PrEP is Now project. Outside of activism and equity, I enjoy digital illustration, spending time with family and friends, and watching investigative documentaries.