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Alexandre Schnubb

Research Coordinator III

I joined the research team in August 2014 as coordinator of the HIV Prevention Unit. The focus of my work is the management of clinical projects related to pre-and post- exposure prophylaxis for HIV.  I have contributed  to many  projects including coordinating the PrEP5 study, the first HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis  demonstration trial in Canada, The LEARN PrEP Project, studying the opinions and preferences of African, Caribbean and Black adults regarding new ways to prevent HIV, the MOBILISE Project,  evaluating  the availability and access to combination prevention services for HIV-negative men who have sex with men and the and Decentralizing the delivery of PrEP through family physicians and sexual health clinic nurses project.  I remain an impassioned member of a group committed to the expansion and delivery of HIV prevention and treatment options.

What I appreciate most about being a member of the OPTIONS Lab is my participation in the novel studies that we develop and run as well as the one on one with the study participants during their study visits.