Attia Qamar

Research Coordinator

I am a research coordinator, working primarily on clinical trials for our team. I am working on several projects including: (1) the novel FLAIR trial looking at the first 2 drug NRTI sparing long acting injectables option for treatment of HIV; (2) the OPTIN trial looking at (a) test message support with counselors for Post Exposure Prophylaxis patients and (b) task shifting of PEP care from Infectious Disease physicians to Sexual Health Clinic nurses; (3) A novel trial looking at daily doxycycline for Syphilis PrEP; (4) the CHANGE HIV trial, the first to study to aging HIV population and learn about their long term lived experiences. I enjoy working with patients in clinic here at St. Michael’s, and participating in research that will help to contribute to the development of new HIV and STI prevention and treatment options.